Van Insulation with Havelock Wool

Van Insulation | Havelock Wool | Havelock Wool Van Insulation | How to Insulate Van | Best Van Insulation

Van insulation was one of the most confusing decisions we have had to make so far for our van build. There are so many options when it comes to insulation and so many factors to consider, such as toxicity, moisture management, r-value, sound proofing, etc. After researching all of our options, we ended up choosing…

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11 Winter Hikes in Washington

Winter Hikes in Washington | Washington Winter | Things to do Washington Winter | Washington Winter Hikes | Washington hikes | PNW hikes | Washington State hiking | PNW trails | Washington trails | Hikes near Seattle | Washington State travel | Washington state things to do #hiking #washingtonstate #pnw

Although winter in Washington is known for being a tad gloomy and rainy, there are some serious perks to braving the cold and wet for an adventure! The summer crowds have died down, the mountains have snow, and you can go on a sunset adventure and still make it home in time for dinner. Since…

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How to Install Sprinter Windows

Installing Van Windows | Installing Sprinter Windows | Van Life Mercedes Sprinter | Van Conversion | Van Layout | Sprinter Conversion | Sprinter Layout | Van Build

Our second big project for our van conversion was installing windows, which was a daunting task, but turned out pretttyyyy well, minus one issue that we cover in the vlog below. When we decided to build a van to live in, it was important to us to have lots of windows to make it feel…

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Van Life Mercedes Sprinter

Two and a half years ago we were living in Texas, saving money to build or buy a house in the Austin suburbs, spent most of our weekends inside watching TV (which we still love to do from time to time!), and hardly traveled. As we inched closer to our goal of buying a house,…

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Road Trip Survival Guide

Road Trip Survival Guide | Road Trip Tips | Road Trip Snacks | Road Trip Music | Road Trip Podcasts | Road Trip with Dog | Traveling with Dog

We are prepping for a two week road trip from Seattle to Texas (and back!) for the holidays and we have a feeling many of you will also be spending some time in a car this holiday season. We road trip all over the PNW on the weekends (it’s not uncommon for us to drive…

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We started a YouTube Channel!

YouTube Channel Travel Vlog

We have some exciting news to share….we started a YouTube Channel! Just typing that makes us squeal and also fill instantly with so much anxiety. Over the past few months we have fallen in love with vlogs and videography. We binge watched over 500 episodes of our favorite travel vloggers Kara and Nate and felt…

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Our Top Travel Items + Packing List

Packing List | Travel Packing | Travel Packing List | What to pack | Packing list for vacation | Travel | Vacation

Fitting your life into a suitcase for X number of days can be a bit overwhelming. While the days leading up to a vacation are filled with excitement, they can also be filled with stress and chaos as you try to wrap up any work, figure out what to bring, and then actually complete the…

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Our Experience with the 52 Hike Challenge

52 Hike Challenge | Mailbox Peak

At the beginning of this year, we set a few goals to achieve throughout 2018, one of which being completing the 52 Hike Challenge, which is a challenge to do 52 hikes throughout the year (ideally 1 a week). And we’re SO EXCITED to share that as of October 21st, we are done with the…

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