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  • Van Conversion Cost | Van Conversion Tour | Van Life Tour | Van Life Cost | Van Build | DIY Van Conversion | Van Conversion Mistakes | Things to know before you build a van | Van Conversion Tips | Sprinter Van Build

    Our Van Conversion Cost, Tour, & Mistakes

    WE DID IT!!!! After almost 7 months of blood (not much thankfully!), sweat (the Texas heat is no joke!), and many tears (most Kathryn lol), we FINISHED OUR VAN CONVERSION! And holy crap, we are in love!!! Back in January we announced that we bought a Sprinter van that we were going to convert into our home…

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  • Van conversion

    6 upgrades to our van conversion (after 3+ years of van life)

    In this post we are sharing upgrades we made to our van conversion after 3+ years of van life. After over 3 years of almost full time van life in our van Brisket, we’ve made some upgrades!  Back in 2019, we bought a 2019 170 WB Mercedes Sprinter van and spent 7 months converting it…

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  • Van Life FAQs: Things to know before starting van life | Van life daily routine | Van life logistics | Where to sleep van life | Van life build | Van life costs | Van life shower | Van life toilet | Van life with a dog

    Van Life FAQs: Our van, logistics, daily routine, & more!

    Interested in van life? In this blog we’re sharing the questions we get asked the most about van life, from why we chose our van, our build, logistics, our daily routine, and more! On January 25, 2019, we took a huge leap of faith and bought an empty cargo Sprinter van to turn into a…

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  • 65+ Great Gifts for Hikers

    65+ Great Gifts for Hikers in 2024

    Gear up with this guide to the best gifts for hikers of all levels! From practical must-haves to the latest and greatest, we’ve got you covered. 

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  • 19+ Romantic Getaways in Washington State: From Locals!

    Washington state is packed full with romantic destinations, from dreamy cities to charming small towns, and beautiful beaches to quiet spots in the wilderness. There’s something for every couple across the state. So if you’re planning a trip with your special someone, pick from one of the best romantic getaways in Washington State and you’re…

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  • 60+ Thoughtful Gifts for National Park Lovers

    63 Thoughtful Gifts for National Park Lovers

    Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves National Parks? Whether they’re a seasoned hiker, a wildlife enthusiast, or simply someone who cherishes the national parks, this blog post is packed with thoughtful National Park gifts. National Parks are some of the most beautiful places on Earth. (I mean, where else do…

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  • Olympic Peninsula Road trip | Olympic Peninsula Itinerary | 2 days on the Olympic Peninsula | Weekend on the Olympic Peninsula | Olympic National Park | Olympic National Park itinerary | Things to do on the Olympic Peninsula | Things to do at Olympic National Park | Washington Road trip | Things to do in Washington state #OlympicPeninsula #OlympicNationalPark

    15 Best National Parks to Visit in May 

    Searching for the best National Parks to visit in May? Look no further. As the world comes to life in the Spring, we’ve crafted a guide to the top 15 National Parks you won’t want to miss during the month of May. Spring has sprung, and there’s a whole list of good reasons why May…

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  • Scotts Bluff National Monument | Fun things to do in Nebraska

    25+ FUN things to do in Nebraska

    In this guide we’re sharing 25+ fun things to do in Nebraska! Trust us, you’re going to be very surprised by this midwestern state! Nebraska may not be at the top of your “must-visit” state list. And if we’re being honest, it wasn’t at the top of ours either. But on our mission to visit…

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