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Want to know how to travel more, while spending less? Curious what to pack for your trip? Looking for the best gifts for travelers? Planning your own van conversion? We're sharing our top resources for both travel and van life!

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Van Conversion Fan, Solar, & Ladder

In our 4th Van Build series video, we share all of the roof elements of our van: our MaxxAir Fan, Renogy Solar Panels , and our Aluminess ladder. Here are all of the links to the products we bought/items we used to install these elements. MAXXAIR FAN As we mention in the video, we did…

Van Insulation with Havelock Wool

Van insulation was one of the most confusing decisions we have had to make so far for our van build. There are so many options when it comes to insulation and so many factors to consider, such as toxicity, moisture management, r-value, sound proofing, etc. After researching all of our options, we ended up choosing…

How to Install Sprinter Windows

Our second big project for our van conversion was installing windows, which was a daunting task, but turned out pretttyyyy well, minus one issue that we cover in the vlog below. When we decided to build a van to live in, it was important to us to have lots of windows to make it feel…

Vlog: Van Build Preparation + Layout

We just purchased a 2019 Mercedes Sprinter to convert into our new home! (If you missed the big announcement, read all about our plans here). The first step in our Sprinter Conversion was to spend hours (and $$$) at The Home Depot, remove the cargo partition (tip: sell this on Craigslist…we made $500!), and to…


Two and a half years ago we were living in Texas, saving money to build or buy a house in the Austin suburbs, spent most of our weekends inside watching TV (which we still love to do from time to time!), and hardly traveled. As we inched closer to our goal of buying a house,…

Our Top Travel Items + Packing List

Fitting your life into a suitcase for X number of days can be a bit overwhelming. While the days leading up to a vacation are filled with excitement, they can also be filled with stress and chaos as you try to wrap up any work, figure out what to bring, and then actually complete the…