Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom was definitely my favorite park we went to the entire trip. As soon as you walked in, there was an incredible happy energy that just made you smile. I had been to Disney World once before, back in 2nd grade, but Adam had never been, so I was super excited to not only relive it, but share his first Disney experience with him.  Just like Universal, I did tons of research about how to make Disney a fun (and not stressful) experience. Here are some tips to make Magic Kingdom awesome!

Get to the parking lot at least 30 minutes before the park opens.
Despite all of my research, I had no idea that you parked far from the park and then had to take a tram to the monorail/bus and then the monorail/bus to the park. This took a good chunk of time and if you want to get to the park right when it opens, you’ll need to give yourself some extra time.

Plan your Fast Passes ahead of time.
We went with a group of 9, so it was crucial to organize our Fast Passes in advance. Unlike Universal, you get free Fast Passes. However, you only get to book 3 rides in advance and then you can do more one at a time after that. We booked our 3 Fast Passes for Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain. They were all such fun rides! We booked all of them for the morning, which worked out great because we had the afternoon to explore and book our additional Fast Passes.

Buy Ponchos in advance
I knew I should have bought ponchos before the trip, but I got lazy and didn’t do it. When they say it rains everyday in Orlando, they are right. We didn’t have one day without a random shower. We got stuck having to buy $20 worth of ponchos, which could’ve been spent on more Dole Whips (more on that in a second). So buy your ponchos in advance and save some cash!

Eat Dole Whips & Churros
I had heard about the magical treat at Disney called the Dole Whip and was looking forward to it for months. Since we love Hawaii, this pineapple treat was perfect for us, and it definitely was worth the wait. We got the Dole Whip and a Dole Whip Float and they were both so good! We definitely would just split a float in the future…it’s huge! We also got hungry before eating our packed lunches, so we splurged for some churros. They were super good as well!

Disney Fireworks
We all left Magic Kingdom around 5 or so to head back to the condo. Adam and I quickly went back out to grab a bite to eat and see the fireworks show. Everyone else was tired, so we just went alone and it was such an incredible experience! We expected to just see a fireworks show, but we also got to see the Electric Parade and a light show on the castle before the fireworks began. This was probably one of my favorite experiences from the whole trip. The show was extremely magical and confirmed that Disney is the happiest place on Earth. Even if you’re tired, try to push through and see the show! (Also, Magic Kingdom has a Starbucks you can go to before to load up on caffeine).



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