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While we are all about experiences over things, sometimes you need physical items to enhance your experience. Here is where you’ll find the exact gear we use, the tools we use to run this website and our YouTube channel, packing lists, and gift guides!

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Technology We Use

There are many systems we use to keep this website up and running, manage our business, plus create YouTube videos. Here is the technology that makes it happen!

Tailwind helps us schedule our pins. It has been a great too to help us grow our website.

Keysearch is our favorite tool to research SEO keywords so our blog posts can rank high on Google. Use the code KSDISC for a 20% discount.

We have never had an issue with hosting our site on Siteground. They have great customer service as well!

We use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit all of our vlogs for YouTube.

We use Lightroom to edit all photos for our blog and Instagram.

We get all of the music for our vlogs from Musicbed. It’s licensed music from artists, so the quality and selection are awesome!

This course taught us so much about SEO and has helped us rank higher on Google. Stupid Simple SEO is definitely worth the investment!

Bench is the bookkeeping service we use. They have been easy to use, responsive, and very helpful. Sign up with them and receive 1 month free.

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