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Since starting our YouTube channel back in the fall of 2018, a common question we get is “what gear are you using?”

So in this blog post, we’re sharing our current photography and vlogging gear, as well as what we used earlier on. Our gear has definitely changed over time, but anything listed on this this page we highly recommend, even if we are no longer using it.

2022 Photography + Vlogging Gear

Now that we have been vlogging over 3 years and have captured tons of footage and photos, our original gear started to show major signs of exhaustion, so we recently just made a handful of upgrades to our set up.

Here is everything we will be using for 2022 (and beyond!) for our photos and videos.


Sony FX3 Full Frame Cinema Line Camera This is our new vlogging camera for 2022 and will be used for all talking shots and some b-roll (especially slo-mo, as it does 120fps in 4K!).

Sony a7 III Full Frame Mirrorless Camera This is the camera we use for all of our photography and many of our b-roll shots.


Sony 24-70mm f/4 lens This is the lens we use for our Sony a7 III for photos and most b-roll.

Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 GM lens This is our newest lens, which will be used for talking shots and some b-roll.

Sony 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 GM lens We just got this zoom lens to capture some hopefully epic video and photos of scenery and wildlife from further away!

Other types of cameras

DJI Air 2S, Fly More Combo In July 2022 we upgraded to the Air2S for better image and video quality!

DJI Mavic Air, Fly More Combo We LOVE flying this drone and filming different perspectives of the place we are visiting! We used this drone for several years and in July 2022 we upgraded to the Air 2S!

DJI Mini 3 Pro
We bought this drone to fly in Canada and other international destinations because it is under the 250g weight requirement.

DJI Mini 3 Pro Batteries

DJI Mini 3 Pro Battery Charger

GoPro HERO8 This GoPro is great for when it’s a bit unsafe to use our regular camera (on the water, on rides, etc), but still want to capture the moment!

GoPro HERO11
We bought the HERO11 with the accessory pack in early 2023 and are stoked to use it!


Sennheiser MKE 400 This is our new microphone for 2022 for our FX3. 

Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone We use this microphone for our A7iii. It works pretty well, but can struggle with wind, so we may upgrade it.

SIRUI AM-225 Carbon Fiber Tripod We upgraded to this tripod recently and it’s sturdier and lighter than the other tripods we’ve had before.

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip We LOVE this clip! We use this clip to mount our camera to our backpack when we aren’t using it. It gives us easy access to the camera and keeps our hands free when we aren’t filming/taking photos.

GoPro Floating Hand Grip
 This hand grip lets us safely hold onto our GoPro (with the wrist strap) and floats on water!

Joby GorillaPod 5K We recently upgraded to this GorillaPod, which can hold our full frame cameras and lenses, for talking shots and for some tripod purposes.

WANDRD PRVKE 31L Backpack This is our go-to backpack for camera gear! It fits multiple laptops, multiple cameras, chargers, personal items, and more! It has a hidden passport pocket and opens from the back, making it safer from pickpockets.

File storage and backup

SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable SSD
In 2023 we switched to using these SSD hard drives. They are pricy, but we hear they are faster, more reliable, and much smaller and lighter.

WD 4TB Elements Portable HDD
We’ve used these hard drives since we started our YouTube channel in 2018.

WD 8TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive
This is the hard drive we use to double back up all of our footage and photos.

Sony Tough SD cards We have the 128 GB and 256 GB versions of these cards, which allow us to film in 4K.

SanDisk MicroSD to SD Memory Card Adapter
We use this adapter to upload our footage from the drone and GoPro to the computer.


We use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit our videos and Adobe Lightroom for photos.

2018-2021 Photography + Vlogging Gear

This is all of the gear we started with and added on between 2018 to 2021. While we are no longer using some of these items, we still recommend them and it’s definitely a more affordable set up if you’re just getting started!

To read about the items, click the images in the kit!

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  1. Dale Ream

    Love your work AND your adventures!
    Can you tell me what video editing suite and audio track service you use?

    • Kathryn Frazer

      Hi Dale! Thanks for following along! We use Premiere Pro for editing and Musicbed for music.

      • Dale Ream

        Thanks so much!
        We lived in Round Rock for 22 years but sold our home in May to hit the road for 6 months. Your story was part of our inspiration and we love watching your adventures. We’re working our way up the East coast this year, and will probably travel the West coast sometime next year. Thanks for blazing a trail!

        • Kathryn Frazer

          Congrats on hitting the road! We are so happy to hear that we could play a small role in it. Thanks for following along!

      • Jack

        What picture profile do you used? HLG, Cine D, S-Log 3?

    • Leroy Shirley Jr

      My sister is a big fan of your YouTube channel. She showed me your adventures near Durango, CO at Honeyville and James Ranch. Right now, we are going to try the hamburgers at James Ranch before we start work tomorrow as school teachers.

      • Kathryn Frazer

        Hi Leroy! We hope you enjoy the burgers and tell your sister a big thank you for watching!

  2. Gary Cook

    What program or software do you use to create your animated maps. I love maps and want to create some for our Alaskan adventures schedule for next summer. Thanks

  3. Eric P

    Hi Adam and Kathryn, my wife and I love your videos. Just curious what you use for editing?

    • Kathryn Frazer

      Hi, Eric!

      We use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit our videos!

      Thank you so much for watching!


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