Vlog: Portland Food, Coffee, & Sights

Portland Food | Where to eat Portland | Best food Portland | Things to do Portland | Portland Travel Guide

We took a day trip to Portland, Oregon and had the best day eating a bunch of our favorite Portland food, walking around downtown, drinking coffee and chai, and sightseeing. If you combined this vlog with one of our first vlogs where we went to the Columbia River Gorge, you’d have a pretty awesome Portland…

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Vlog: The Columbia River Gorge + Portland Day Trip

Portland and Columbia River Gorge Vlog | Things to do Portland | Things to do Columbia River Gorge | Portland Hiking | Columbia River Gorge Hiking | Multnomah Falls | Latourell Falls | Portland Coffee

We took a day trip to the Columbia River Gorge and Portland and WOW we did a lot in 9 hours! We chased lots of waterfalls (sorry TLC!), ate some amazing food, drank some delicious coffee, explored city parks, and saw the BEST view of Portland and Mount Hood! See the details of our trip…

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Vlog: The Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast Vlog | Things to do Oregon Coast | Oregon Coast Hiking | Oregon Camping | Oregon Coffee | Tillamook Oregon

Our 4th anniversary weekend getaway to the Oregon Coast was filled with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, camping, hikes, tacos and other delicious food, and coffee! See below for the exact spots we went to and to get our Weekend on the Oregon Coast guide, which focuses on a different, but equally stunning, area of the…

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3 Days in Bend & Crater Lake National Park

3 Days in Bend and Crater Lake National Park | Crater Lake Guide | Bend Guide | Crater Lake National Park Itinerary | Bend Itinerary | Oregon Travel | Things to do Bend Crater Lake #Bend #CraterLake #Oregon

After two years of being told we’d love Bend and hearing great things about it, we finally got to explore the area over Labor Day Weekend (you can read all about our trip here!). Since the drive from Seattle was pretty long and we can’t make it down there too often, we added on a…

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Labor Day in Bend + Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park | Things to do Crater Lake National Park | Crater Lake National Park Hiking

Three day weekends are our jam! We love having an extra day to explore and always use them as a chance to go somewhere a little farther than we normally venture to on regular weekends. Ever since we moved to Seattle, people have been telling us that we’d LOVE Bend, Oregon, so we figured what…

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A Weekend on the Oregon Coast

Weekend on the Oregon Coast | Weekend in Cannon Beach | Things to do Oregon Coast | Where to stay Oregon Coast | Where to eat Oregon Coast | Where to eat Cannon Beach | Cannon Beach Hikes | Cannon Beach Oregon

The Oregon Coast is one of the gems of the Pacific Northwest. Its rugged and rocky landscape is gorgeous, unique, and full of adventure. Its towns are relaxed and full of character. Whether you prefer to sit on the beach with a good book or hike up to coastal overlooks, there’s something for everyone to…

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A Weekend in Portland

A weekend in Portland Oregon | Portland Oregon itinerary | Portland Guide | Things to do in Portland | Best food Portland | Where to eat Portland | Columbia River Gorge | Portland hikes | Where to stay in Portland | Portland Things to Do | Portland Food

Just 3 hours from Seattle lies the quirky, fun, and delicious city of Portland. We love spending a weekend in Portland–it reminds us of a hybrid of Seattle and our hometown of Austin. Similar to Austin, it is proud of its title of being a “weird” city, is home to tons of great restaurants and…

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