Puerto Rico– Day 1

Puerto Rico 5

We are currently in Puerto Rico for a family vacation and having a blast! When we were planning where to go for the trip, we looked at many places, but we settled on Puerto Rico because it is tropical, close to the U.S., doesn’t require a passport, and is pretty affordable to travel to.

We got into town super late last night, so for our first day, we decided to just explore the resort. We are staying on the St. Regis Bahia Beach property, but in a condo we found on HomeAway that isn’t owned by the St. Regis (it’s muuuch cheaper!). Since we are staying on the property, we get access to all of the St. Regis amenities, minus their pool. We have two pools to choose from though, so that isn’t a problem. The property is stunning and definitely the coolest resort I have ever been to. Lots of running trails, a boathouse, a golf course, two miles of beaches, and more.

We started out our morning taking a walk around the property with my mom and my brother Daniel. The photo on the left is basically how every walkway at the resort is…full of tropical trees. The second photo is the golf course right behind our building (ours is one of the ones on the left) with El Yunque in the background. We are super excited to head up there later this week.
I just learned that I like to golf during our Orlando trip (Adam couldn’t be happier!) and we would have loved to book a tee time for while we are here, but unfortunately it is about $200/person, so we will have to pass this time. However, the course looks beautiful and it is nice to look at. 🙂
After some breakfast back in the room, Adam and I decided to go for a walk along the beach. I usually never expect to hit my Fitbit goals during vacations, but we knocked out about 3 miles walking along the beach and I ended up hitting almost 7 miles just from walking around the resort today. The beach is huge and has tons of space to lay out. However, the water is a little rough and the red flag was out, which apparently happens a lot.
Once we finished our walk we met up with my parents and brother Daniel at one of the pools at the resort. This pool is right in front of the beach, so the view is pretty awesome. The pool water is also warm, which is great for wimps like me. 🙂
One of the coolest parts of the resort is the Boathouse. At the Boathouse, you can rent kayaks, SUP boards, bikes, go fishing, and play on their water playscape. The best part is that it is included in your stay. We finished off the afternoon SUP boarding in the river. My mom even tried it and did awesome for her first time!
It was an awesome first day in Puerto Rico! Tomorrow we will be heading to Old San Juan to explore the historical sites there. Stay tuned!

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