Travel Planning

Our Favorite Travel Planning Tools + Itinerary Template

Trip Planning | Travel Itinerary Template | Trip Planning Template | Best tools for trip planning | trip planning tools | itinerary template | travel itinerary

It’s no secret that we love planning trips! We love researching for hours upon hours, digging into everything a city has to offer, learning tons, picking spots we want to check out, and crafting the perfect itinerary. We are definitely itinerary-based travelers vs spontaneous travelers (although we’re trying to leave more time for spontaneity during…

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Road Trip Survival Guide

Road Trip Survival Guide | Road Trip Tips | Road Trip Snacks | Road Trip Music | Road Trip Podcasts | Road Trip with Dog | Traveling with Dog

We are prepping for a two week road trip from Seattle to Texas (and back!) for the holidays and we have a feeling many of you will also be spending some time in a car this holiday season. We road trip all over the PNW on the weekends (it’s not uncommon for us to drive…

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Our Top Travel Items + Packing List

Packing List | Travel Packing | Travel Packing List | What to pack | Packing list for vacation | Travel | Vacation

Fitting your life into a suitcase for X number of days can be a bit overwhelming. While the days leading up to a vacation are filled with excitement, they can also be filled with stress and chaos as you try to wrap up any work, figure out what to bring, and then actually complete the…

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How to survive Washington’s rainy season

Rainy day activities in Washington | Thing to do Washington | Things to do Seattle | Seattle Rain | Rainy season Washington | Indoor activities Seattle | Indoor activities Washington

Ah, the rainy season in Washington —you either love it or hate it! It means shorter days, grey skies, fall foliage, snow, less crowds, cooler temperatures, and of course, rain jackets. For us, it’s one of our favorite times of the year! Coming from Texas, we didn’t get to experience true seasons for most of…

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5 Fun Seattle Neighborhoods to Explore

5 Fun Seattle Neighborhoods to Explore | Seattle, Washington | Things to do Seattle | Seattle Neighborhoods | Capitol Hill, Fremont, Ballard, West Seattle, Queen Anne #Seattle

One of the things that makes Seattle special are all of the quaint, unique, and fun neighborhoods that surround the city. As you walk the tree lined streets, you often forget that you’re just a few miles from downtown. We love having the ability to escape the hustle and bustle of the city so easily…

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10 Must-Visit Coffee Shops in Seattle

Must-Visit Coffee Shops in Seattle | Seattle Coffee Shops | #Seattle # Coffee

From the moment we moved to Seattle, we have made it one of our goals to explore as many local coffee shops as possible. We are hugeee coffee fans and while it may be impossible to visit every coffee shop in Seattle, we sure as heck are going to try! After doing tons of coffee…

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Our Favorite Cheap Eats in Seattle

Cheap Eats in Seattle | Seattle Restaurants | Where to eat in Seattle | Affordable restaurants Seattle | Seattle on a budget #Seattle #CheapEats

Eating out is a fun way to experience local foods, socialize with family and friends, and avoid cooking for the night (let’s be real, that’s a huge benefit!), but that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank! We recently posted a blog about how we save to travel and one of the big ways…

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Our Guide to Traveling More for Less

Our top tips and tricks to save money to travel and save money while traveling | Travel Budget | Travel Savings | Travel Planner | Budget Document | #Budget

“How are y’all able to travel so much?” We get this question a lot and we wanted to write an honest and open blog about this topic because there are so many elements that help us be able to afford to travel. And the best part–everything we do you can do too! Ready to learn…

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The Ultimate Backpacking Packing List

The Ultimate Backpacking Packing List | Camping and Backpacking packing list for beginners | What to take backpacking | Backpacking gear | #Backpacking | #Packing List | Camping packing list | What to take camping | Camping supplies | Backpacking supplies

We have been backpacking three times and while we aren’t experts, we’ve learned a lot along the way about what to bring! Check out our backpacking packing list to see the exact items we always take with us on our backpacking adventures. The majority of these are must-haves, with a couple nice-to-have items thrown in there,…

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8 Ways to Enjoy Summer in Seattle

We’re convinced that summer in Seattle tops summer anywhere else. With temps in the 80’s and tons of sunshine, it’s the most glorious time of the year and makes up for the many months of grey and rain that Seattle is known for (which we personally also love). There’s so much to do in Seattle…

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