11 Winter Hikes in Washington

Winter Hikes in Washington | Washington Winter | Things to do Washington Winter | Washington Winter Hikes | Washington hikes | PNW hikes | Washington State hiking | PNW trails | Washington trails | Hikes near Seattle | Washington State travel | Washington state things to do #hiking #washingtonstate #pnw

Although winter in Washington is known for being a tad gloomy and rainy, there are some serious perks to braving the cold and wet for an adventure! The summer crowds have died down, the mountains have snow, and you can go on a sunset adventure and still make it home in time for dinner. Since…

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Vlog: Leavenworth Christmas Lights + Snowy Lake Serene

Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Festival | Lake Serene Hike | Christmas Lights | Leavenworth Christmas | Leavenworth Washington | Best Christmas Lights | Things to do Christmas | Best Christmas towns | Best Hikes Washington | Where to Hike Washington | Best Small Towns United States

We took a festive holiday day trip to the Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Festival and did a snowy hike to Lake Serene and WOW it was the best way to get in the holiday spirit! Leavenworth is the cutest Bavarian village town located in Washington state and makes you feel like you’re in Europe. We had…

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Vlog: Olympic Peninsula Road Trip

Olympic Peninsula Vlog | Olympic National Park | Things to do Olympic Peninsula | Olympic Peninsula Hiking | Olympic Peninsula Camping | Washington Coffee | Washington Hikes

Went spent Adam and Kona’s birthday weekend road tripping on the Olympic Peninsula with stops at Cape Flattery (the northwestern-most point of the continental US!), Murhut Falls, Mount Ellinor, and a crazy sunset at Hurricane Ridge! Watch our vlog to see all of our adventures: Campground Heart O’ the Hills Hikes Cape Flattery Murhut Falls…

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5 Fun Seattle Neighborhoods to Explore

5 Fun Seattle Neighborhoods to Explore | Seattle, Washington | Things to do Seattle | Seattle Neighborhoods | Capitol Hill, Fremont, Ballard, West Seattle, Queen Anne #Seattle

One of the things that makes Seattle special are all of the quaint, unique, and fun neighborhoods that surround the city. As you walk the tree lined streets, you often forget that you’re just a few miles from downtown. We love having the ability to escape the hustle and bustle of the city so easily…

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10 Must-Visit Coffee Shops in Seattle

Must-Visit Coffee Shops in Seattle | Seattle Coffee Shops | #Seattle # Coffee

From the moment we moved to Seattle, we have made it one of our goals to explore as many local coffee shops as possible. We are hugeee coffee fans and while it may be impossible to visit every coffee shop in Seattle, we sure as heck are going to try! After doing tons of coffee…

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Our Favorite Cheap Eats in Seattle

Cheap Eats in Seattle | Seattle Restaurants | Where to eat in Seattle | Affordable restaurants Seattle | Seattle on a budget #Seattle #CheapEats

Eating out is a fun way to experience local foods, socialize with family and friends, and avoid cooking for the night (let’s be real, that’s a huge benefit!), but that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank! We recently posted a blog about how we save to travel and one of the big ways…

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Summiting our First Volcano: Mount St. Helens

Summiting Mount St. Helens | Tips for Mount St. Helens | What to pack Mount St. Helens | Mount St. Helens permit | #MountStHelens #Washington

We knocked a big item off the bucket list this past weekend: summiting an active volcano! We climbed to the top of Mount St. Helens, one of the five active volcanoes in Washington, and had one heck of a time doing so. When we decided to summit Mount St. Helens over a year ago, we…

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8 Ways to Enjoy Summer in Seattle

We’re convinced that summer in Seattle tops summer anywhere else. With temps in the 80’s and tons of sunshine, it’s the most glorious time of the year and makes up for the many months of grey and rain that Seattle is known for (which we personally also love). There’s so much to do in Seattle…

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6 Seattle Day Trips

6 Seattle day trip ideas and itineraries including Leavenworth, Orcas Island, Bellingham, Tacoma, Whidbey Island, and La Conner | Washington itinerary | Washington guide | Travel guide | Seattle day trips #travelguide #itinerary #Seattle #Washington

One of the best things about living in Seattle is how close it is to so many incredible places! Being travelers on a budget, we LOVE taking cheap day trips around the PNW. We enjoy road trips to small towns, trying different restaurants and coffee shops, and exploring new parks. Here are 6 of our…

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