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Want to know how to travel more, while spending less? Curious what to pack for your trip? Looking for the best gifts for travelers? Planning your own van conversion? We're sharing our top resources for both travel and van life!

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How we afford to travel: Our top travel budgeting tips! (+ travel budget template!)

Curious how we can afford to travel? We’re sharing all of our top travel budgeting tips + a travel budget template that help us save money to travel and while traveling. Ready to travel more for less? Keep on reading! “How can you afford to travel so much?” We get this question often and we…

Fly for less: Tips for finding cheap flights

Want to fly for less? Read our tips for finding cheap flights that have saved us thousands on flights! Finding cheap flights has become a fun little game for us. We love tracking prices, snagging a good deal, and being able to visit a new destination for a good price (or even for free)! As…

Our Favorite Travel Credit Cards

Looking to travel for free (or cheap)? Read about our favorite travel credit cards that have saved us thousands on flights and other travel expenses! We often get asked how we can afford to travel and while there are many things we do to save money to travel and while traveling, one of the biggest…

How to Plan a Trip: A Detailed Travel Planning Guide

Looking for the best tips on how to plan a trip? Our step by step travel planning guide goes through our exact process of planning our trips, including our travel itinerary template, so you can plan your next trip easier! It’s no secret that we love planning trips! We love researching for hours upon hours,…

6 Months of Van Life: The Highs and Lows

Almost exactly 13 months ago we announced that we bought a van and exactly 6 months ago we finished our van conversion and officially hit the road. And wow, what a crazy amazing 6 months it has been!  We decided to pursue van life for one main reason: to have the freedom to explore new…

The 26 Best Gifts for Travelers

As full time travelers, we prioritize experiences over material possessions (especially since moving into a van with limited space!), so when holidays and birthdays come around, we tend to be a bit trickier to shop for. We love gifts that will enhance our travel experience, whether it’s something that’ll entertain us on a long flight,…