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Want to know how to travel more, while spending less? Curious what to pack for your trip? Looking for the best gifts for travelers? Planning your own van conversion? We're sharing our top resources for both travel and van life!

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6 Months of Van Life: The Highs and Lows

Almost exactly 13 months ago we announced that we bought a van and exactly 6 months ago we finished our van conversion and officially hit the road. And wow, what a crazy amazing 6 months it has been!  We decided to pursue van life for one main reason: to have the freedom to explore new…

The 26 Best Gifts for Travelers

As full time travelers, we prioritize experiences over material possessions (especially since moving into a van with limited space!), so when holidays and birthdays come around, we tend to be a bit trickier to shop for. We love gifts that will enhance our travel experience, whether it’s something that’ll entertain us on a long flight,…

Our Van Conversion Cost, Tour, & Mistakes

WE DID IT!!!! After almost 7 months of blood (not much thankfully!), sweat (the Texas heat is no joke!), and many tears (most Kathryn lol), we FINISHED OUR VAN CONVERSION! And holy crap, we are in love!!! Back in January we announced that we bought a Sprinter van that we were going to convert into…

Van build countdown: the final days of our van conversion!

After a couple weeks off from the van build for our Italy trip, we made it back to Austin and spent two weeks working super hard to try to get this van done on time. From priming and painting, finishing the cabinet build, making window covers, and installing our ceiling, we’re sharing the big items…

Van Conversion Shower Updates + Headliner Shelf

We are officially calling Austin our “home base” now as we try to finish and move into our van! Over the last few days we have worked a ton of hours trying to make some big progress and have accomplished a few big things for the van conversion: shower walls are installed, we built and…

Van Conversion Finishes + Walls

We have each officially taken our last trip to Austin to work on the van conversion before we drive down there at the end of the month! And during the trips, we got some important van errands done, like figuring out our van floors, paint, fabric, and other finishes + got some of the walls…