11 Winter Hikes in Washington

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Although winter in Washington is known for being a tad gloomy and rainy, there are some serious perks to braving the cold and wet for an adventure! The summer crowds have died down, the mountains have snow, and you can go on a sunset adventure and still make it home in time for dinner. Since…

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Vlog: Guadalupe Peak + Saguaro National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park | Guadalupe Mountains National Park Guide | Guadalupe Mountains National Park Hikes| Guadalupe Peak | Texas Hikes | Best Hikes Guadalupe Mountains National Park | Saguaro National Park | Tucson Arizona | Things to do Tucson | Best places to eat Tucson | Tucson Hikes

We road tripped from Seattle to Texas for the holidays and during days 9 & 10 of the trip we hiked to the top of Guadalupe Peak (the highest point in Texas) at Guadalupe Mountains National Park, explored Tucson, and went to Saguaro National Park! Check out the rest of our Road Trip vlogs here and…

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Vlog: Big Bend National Park + Marfa, TX

Marfa and Big Bend National Park | Things to do Marfa | Marfa Food | Things to do Big Bend National Park | Big Bend Hikes | Big Bend Guide | Marfa Guide | Marfa Itinerary | West Texas | Things to do Texas | Texas Vacation | Terlingua | Prada Marfa | Marfa Lights | Texas Hikes

We road tripped from Seattle to Texas for the holidays and during days 4-7 of the trip we spent time in Marfa and Big Bend National Park! We hiked some awesome trails at Big Bend, saw Texas beauty we didn’t know existed, went alien hunting, and enjoyed the charm of small town Marfa. Check out…

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Our Experience with the 52 Hike Challenge

52 Hike Challenge | Mailbox Peak

At the beginning of this year, we set a few goals to achieve throughout 2018, one of which being completing the 52 Hike Challenge, which is a challenge to do 52 hikes throughout the year (ideally 1 a week). And we’re SO EXCITED to share that as of October 21st, we are done with the…

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Summiting our First Volcano: Mount St. Helens

Summiting Mount St. Helens | Tips for Mount St. Helens | What to pack Mount St. Helens | Mount St. Helens permit | #MountStHelens #Washington

We knocked a big item off the bucket list this past weekend: summiting an active volcano! We climbed to the top of Mount St. Helens, one of the five active volcanoes in Washington, and had one heck of a time doing so. When we decided to summit Mount St. Helens over a year ago, we…

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Our 25 Favorite Washington Hikes

As those who follow us on Instagram may know, we LOVE to hike! We try to hike every single weekend, rain or snow or shine, and are currently doing the 52 Hike Challenge (at the time of posting this blog we have done 27 hikes and 142 miles in 2018!). Hiking is our way of…

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Healthy Hiking Fuel: Our top snack picks!

Healthy hiking snacks | Hiking food | Whole30 snacks | Keto snacks | Healthy Snacks | Protein Bars | Paleo Snacks | Hiking food ideas #keto #paleo #whole30

Living a super healthy lifestyle is very important to us—we’re the crazies that get up at 4 AM everyday to workout (the worst!) and the ones at the office always bringing a super healthy packed lunch. Being on the go most weekends can make it challenging to stick to a healthy lifestyle, as most easy…

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